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About Us

Providing Quality CBD Products You Can Depend On

Vishal and Punita are the husband and wife team behind CBDurance.

  Their journey as CBD advocates began over 8 years ago, after witnessing their loved ones struggle with painful health challenges, and wanting so badly to find safe and natural solutions for them.  

But the couple’s experience with CBD is also a personal one.

 So, how did CBDurance come to be?

 Vishal has been working in the endurance sports industry for over 15 years.  Producing some of the largest and most recognized events in the world. While working alongside high-performance athletes, he became aware of their constant battle with inflammation, pain, and need for responsible recovery. 

CBDurance’s fast growing customer base, inspired Punita who comes from a very successful career in corporate sales and marketing at  2 premier fortune 100 companies to focus her talents on helping build the company, driven by the urge to improve the lives of others.

 Today CBDurance is regarded as one of the leading pioneers of CBD use in the athletic industry, and began long before CBD became as widely known as it is today.

 But CBDurance isn’t just for athletes; it’s for EVERY BODY.

 For Punita & Vishal, CBD is a way of life. It is the safest and most natural way to optimize one’s quality of health – without the need for harmful and addictive pharmaceuticals.  

 They believe that pharmaceuticals should always be regarded as a last resort, as they’re known to lead to liver and kidney damage, addiction, and many other mental and physical repercussions.

 They believe so strongly in the properties of CBD that they work closely with several non-profit charities, sharing valuable time and resources with those to help benefit the local treatment centers. As long time members of the Orlando community, they pride themselves on giving back to community and serving those people who help give them a purpose.

 Commitment to Quality.  

Punita and Vishal are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality control in their products.

 “Clean” living is their lifestyle, from shopping organic at the grocery store to choosing sustainable clothing to using household products that are safe for consumers and for the environment.

 They bring the same level of care and concern they bring to you – they would never sell anything that they wouldn’t feel comfortable using themselves.

 Their goal is to do good things for other people and help them do good things for themselves!